Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Marriage


Two is oh-so-much better


for cleaning up.

If you had told me ten years ago that cleaning up, and just the general business of living together was, almost, as important as sex, I would have really laughed at you.

It’s important that both of those things happen in a good marriage, even if it involves some work. Plus the value of it increases with time.

And when one person leaves, let’s say, for a two week trip to American Samoa (and leaves you alone with two kids)---

you’re pretty happy to have that person back.

For at least two reasons.6summer'11



How awesome is my ten-years-ago teenage brother?


The angst-icon for a new generation.



Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

Congratulations on 10 years of marriage! I just celebrated my 5th anniversary. It goes fast.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The photo of your brother is hilarious!

justJENN said...

Haw, your brother's face! That hotel-ish background looks awfully familiar...

Masayuki said...

Congrats. Glad to see some things haven't changed. I'll be sure to get you back at my wedding. Whenever that is.

Katie Lewis said...


Christine Wu said...

Happy 10 years anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Wow- you hit the 10 year mark congrats! Look at ten years ago YOU! I love it. Hope you get plenty of help and you know what upon his return!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your decade together.

You look 15 ! and still do today :)

Mariko said...

Maryea: It does go fast. I'm in a bit of disbelief. Happy 5th Anniversary!

Yummy: I was giggling in the middle of the night looking at it myself.

Just Jenn: It's the Portland LDS temple. :)

Masayuki: I'll be sure to try to make the same face.

Katie: :) Do you remember him that way?

Christine: Thank you!

Stephanie: Yep. I admit it was painful to see these pictures.

Anonymous: Thank you. I definitely looked 15 then. Now... well, maybe a chubby 17 year old. Ha.

sophia said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I love the expression on your brother's face. And man, you snagged yourself a hunk!

Happy anniversary, dear Mariko! :D

Anonymous said...

What a hottie!!! Tall, blonde and handsome!!! I don't know about the "sex" and the "cleaning up" all in the first paragraph together but... you look cute as a button! The baby has adorable blue eyes!!!

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow, I really loved this post. That pic of your brother at the end was hysterical and made more so by your caption. You are a hoot, girl and your fam is gorgeous!

Kirsten said...

Very sweet! What are you doing/eating to celebrate?

ちびか〜ちゃん said...

Congratulations on 10 years of marriage

jalna said...

Awwww, you so cute!! Love this post! Congratulations.

Gourmantine said...

Happy anniversary! I laughed all the way through the post ... :)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Happy Anniversary!! I also enjoyed reading this post. :-)

FootPrints said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! WOW you guys look so young!! not that you look old know what i mean!

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