Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is about Yes.


Yes, I did make popsicles with Pop Rocks. Lemonade base. poprocks popsicles

Awesome. And crackly.

Yes, I did buy $30 shoes for my daughter for Halloween. 16Halloween 20119Halloween 2011

I looked around and even the low tops were $30.


Yes, I did buy makeup just so I could wear it on Halloween because I don’t own makeup.

5Halloween 2011And Yes, I did look like a $2 you-know-what because I don’t know how to put on makeup.


Yes, I did make Candy Bar Cookies.

No. No picture.

Yes. I ate them all. I had a little help.


24Halloween 2011


How was your Halloween?



Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I wish I was there and that is NOT an understatement. I saw the pic of you and Ethan on facebook you look great. I love the eye liner and no you did not look like cheap you looked great.

Belinda @zomppa said...

Popsicles with pop rocks?? Cool!

Stephanie said...

Yes I did see Amaya at the Kahuku parade and didn't even notice it was her because I was like - no way! Some cool kindergardener has those shoes! OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM AND WANT THEM FOR MYSELF THAT IS CRAZY AWESOME! Yes, I fully gasped when I saw this post and was all- THAT WAS AMAYA. It brought out the CAPS in me. You do that I guess.

jalna said...


sienna said...

i did my halloween makeup after watching a you tube video and almost gave up after she started pulling out all these products i had never heard of. i made do with my one eyeliner pencil and some makeup my mom had given me last christmas. phew. amaya looks awesome. i love the shoes.

rt said...

i am a total halloween scrooge this year, but those shoes are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the use of Pop Rocks!

Mariko said...

K&S: Do they celebrate Halloween in Japan?

Da: Thanks. :) We wish you were here too.

Belinda: They were! Pop rocks are cool on their own of course.

Steph: That is so funny. I probably only bought them because I wanted them. Not so secretly.

Jalna: :)

Sienna: I did the exact same thing. Youtube videos and all.

Robyn: Halloween is my fav holiday. I'm a Christmas scrooge this year.

Yummychunklet: Thanks!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen said...

Love the pop rocks in the Popsicles. I had some chocolate with pop rocks in them a while ago and it was a fun little surprise.

Marlene said...

Hi Mariko: It was a plesure meeting you and your mom last night at the gala dinner. I hope you have a great flight back to Hawaii. I can't wait to take some time to look through your blog.

Tiffany said...

Your kids are ADORABLE! Love those lace-up shoes! I wish my daughter liked them. It was great talking to you Saturday night at dinner!

Sarah said...

Mariko, it was great getting to meet you on Saturday night. I love your blog and I plan on reading it a lot more. I think you have a great perspective, and I love to read about Hawaii (mainly because I wish I was there right now, brrrr..) :)

Nessie @ bakingequalslove said...

You guys look like you had the best Halloween ever!!! We didn't even get any knockers at our door :( Must just not be as big a thing down under. Omg those shoes are So. Bad. Ass. LOVES them! :)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

My son had similar like your son on his first Halloween! So nostalgic... I liked your makeup! And your daughter's shoes are awesome!

sophia said...

Mariko, you've got such gorgeous eyes. :-)
And pop rock popsicles?! You rock!!! Adopt me!

Mariko said...

Sylvie: Really? Where can I get such chocolate????

Marlene: It was so great to meet you too. I will look for you in the blogoverse!

Tiffany: Thank you. where's your blog so I can find you?

Sarah Catherine: Oh yes, I understand. I realized, again, how hot Hawaii is when I got back!

Nessie: We did have fun. We would come knock on your door if we were there!

Nami: fun. I liked that costume more than I thought I would.

Sophia: You are so nice. Well, I am almost old enough to be your mother... ;)

Elina (Healthy and Sane) said...

Hehe, adorable! That last picture is the best!

Rach, Lyndo, Maia-bean and the two peas said...

so what was the base of your pop rocks pops?? Sounds awesome

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