Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waialua Bakery

7waialua bakeryWaialua Bakery is one of my happy places on this planet. Waialua is a town that’s one more stop over, but this bakery is smack dab in the middle of Haleiwa. I’m not sure what the origin is on the name, and I’ve never asked because I’m just way too busy eating when I’m there to worry about any such details.

Luckily enough, this happy place is a 25 minute drive away from my house, because otherwise Waialua Bakery would have all my money and I would have all of their food. Every morning. For the rest of my life. 2waialua bakery

If I ever figure out how to make their Passion Pleasure smoothie, I will be set. The smoothie has just the right touch of papaya and some creaminess from frozen yogurt. I get serious cravings for this smoothie, and I like to think I can make a pretty good smoothie myself. There is no other smoothie that can make me drive half an hour and plop down $4 with a smile on my face. Really. 3waialua bakery

Every time I come here, I get that smoothie, a sandwich, and a cookie. I don’t care if it’s breakfast. That’s what I’m getting.

The sandwiches are packed with lovely veggies and the sprouts runneth over. I always get the home made bread and spread with hummus. The sandwich is a crunchy, moist mess that I inhale as quickly as possible. 9waialua bakery

Amaya eats more than her fair share of my sandwiches. Even stuffed with all those vegetables, this is a flavor that cannot be denied.

(but I do recommend asking them to leave off the mustard and vinegar. Just in case.)

This has to be followed up with a cookie. Or two. Our favorites are the monster (peanut butter oatmeal with m&m’s) and the Wonder bar which is a cookie addict’s dream: cookie crumbs are combined with chocolate and coconut and more butter and probably something else gooey and gorgeous, all pressed into a bar. It’s hard to describe. It’s a Wonder bar. With good cause. I like to wolf this down before anyone asks me to share. 4waialua bakery

6waialua bakery5waialua bakeryAmaya got lucky and had two Monster cookies. With ice cream in between. I jealously eyed her dessert while she ate every last bite.

Oh, if it could be summer every day.

Oh, it is. In Hawaii.

1waialua bakery

Waialua Bakery
Google Maps
66-200 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI
On the right corner of the Malama Market parking lot, tucked behind Spaghettini
Open 9am-4pm Monday-Saturday
Good for: breakfast, lunch, snack
Favorite Eats: passion pleasure smoothie, Wonder bar, roasted veggie sandwich
Little Foodie? Baby, toddler, kid, teenager, and adult friendly.
FYI: Some vegan options, easy to take out, beach casual, outdoor seating. Even though it’s called a bakery, there are no doughnuts here. Mostly cookies, fresh breads for sandwiches, and a few breakfast baked goods.

Yelp Review

This is a series of posts about food on the North Shore. Stay tuned.



justJENN said...

Yay North Shore food! Excited for these posts!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Agree with just JENN, I'm super excited for more Hawaii posts. It's always nice to have a taste or paradise even so far away.

jalna said...

Ooohhh wow!

sophia said...

Mariko, I just love the way you write these reviews. It makes me salivate and get very very jealous! I can't wait for more of these posts. It's like a free trip to Hawaii in the most awesomely virtual gastronomical way ever.

Mariko said...

Jenn: Yay! I'm glad you're excited. Me too. Maybe we'll do one of these outings together, one day.

Da: You have your own paradise now! I want to see what you're eating.

Jalna: I should bring you along to take pictures next time. :)

Sophia: Thank you Sophia! You are so kind. I promise though, there's nothing in pictures that can make up for Hawaii in real life. Some day you have to visit. When we min a million dollars.

sienna said...

great. thanks for making this pregnant girl hungry. again. now i'm going to have to make a sandwich before bed. those cookies look so good. great pics. let's go there together the next time we come to visit.

Stephanie said...

AH! I want you to know that a friend from town asked to meet me and the boys for breakfast in Haleiwa tomorrow morning and I told her we had to go here and NOW I CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW after reading this post! Too weird. I like it. I haven't been there in years and I am for sure taking notes on everything you just mentioned and getting it tomorrow! PS- I stayed up til 11 and finished the book- let's go to the movies tomorrow too. Best day ever!

Jamie @ Wokintime said...

It's so sad that my mom lives in Mililani and I hardly ever go that extra couple of miles out to Haleiwa. Next time I'm out there I'll have to stop by for a passion fruit smoothie!

Emily said...

i need to go to hawaii

Mariko said...

Sienna: Yes, let's! And come soon. But only after you have your baby because I'll want to see him/her.

Steph: Hopefully the food lived up to its legend, even if the breakfast was awkward. :)

Jamie: Oh yeah, no excuse if you're out in Mililani. ;P

Emily: Yes! Yes you do!

Nippon Nin said...

Have I been to the cafe? I don't remember but you must take me there to refresh my memories. I love the post.

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