Monday, August 22, 2011

Ono Yo

6onoyoThere’s a fantasy I have where I own a frozen yogurt machine. A real one. The kind that they use on Iron Chef and Chopped and the judges grip each other in anticipation of ice cream being made in exactly SEVEN MINUTES. I want one, so, so badly. Just because. And just for me.

Ok, so I’ll share some with you if I get one.

Actually, most likely, I would lock myself in the house with the proper ingredients and never come out again.

5onoyoI’m sure such a machine costs thousands of dollars, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

Good news: Ono Yo is a frozen yogurt truck a stone’s throw from my work.

Bad news: Ono Yo is a frozen yogurt truck a stone’s throw from my work.


I’d driven many hour long trips to Kailua for Yogurt Mama before Ono Yo parked across from my school. But now I can hit it whenever I want, even during my lunch break. And I do.

Sometimes I happen upon an unfortunate establishment who doesn’t know how good frozen yogurt can be. I cringe when I realize that the yogurt I’m about to eat is, somehow, water based. That stuff just tastes nasty. You can tell because it’s translucent and always claims, “Low fat!”

Instead, Ono Yo is creamy, tangy (made with Greek yogurt), and enlivened with fruity fresh flavors, found locally. How’s that for a tongue twister?

“Ono” means “delicious” and it is. This place is more interesting than your average frozen yogurt place because its flavors are more island-based. The fruit flavor of the day is usually made with a locally found fruit, and often is not one you see every day, especially on the mainland. 1onoyoThere is nothing synthetic about the taste. So far, jackfruit has been my favorite flavor. Apparently it was a pain in the butt to deal with, but I hope they’ll have it again. Strawberry comes around pretty often, as does Acai. I want to catch Lilikoi day soon. 2onoyoThere are cute little kiddie chairs and adult chairs too, with some umbrellas to keep you from baking (Kahuku, if you didn’t know, is hot this time of year). Oh, and Giovanni’s shrimp is a stone’s throw away from Ono Yo, so you can make a meal out of the afternoon. For you townies, the hour drive would be worth it.

I’ve decided that I like this yogurt best plain or simply dressed, but they do have a large variety of more natural toppings than the brand cereals and candies you see at many frozen yogurt shops these days. The caramel, honey, and chocolate hazelnut toppings are very nice. Amaya’s favorite is plain with dulce du leche topping. She never wants to share with me.

Mozely doesn’t want to share with me either, but he doesn’t have a choice since I don’t buy him his own. I try to eat quickly before he can eat more than me. 4onoyo

They try hard to stick with local and organic when they can. Anahola Granola is a nice touch, and Waialua sodas line up at the window.

I guess it will do, until I get my very own commercial yogurt machine.  3onoyo

Ono Yo frozen yogurt

56-505 Kam Hwy, Kahuku, HI (approximately) Google Maps

Parked in the field to the left of Kahuku Superette.

Open 12 pm – 7 pm Monday through Saturday

Favorite eats: Jackfruit, soursop, plain. Chocolate hazelnut sauce. Flavor changes daily based on available seasonal fruits.

Expenses: $3.50 (+ tax) – $6 Toppings are .50, creations (a mix of toppings) are a better deal.

Bonus: Local and Organic where possible

Little Foodie? Whole family friendly

FYI: outdoor seating only, check facebook page for daily flavors (1 fruit flavor and plain, every day) and last minute closings. No bathroom, obviously. Lunch can be found close by.

Facebook Page

This is a series of posts about food on the North Shore. Stay tuned.



Baltic Maid said...

I LOVE Frozen Yogurt... :-)

Stephanie said...

I am loving this series of North Shore posts, but I am loving your blog in general all the time... so big surprise there. Anyway, yes, let us go to the Ono Yo truck. I vote Thursday maybe. I am having Carol's little guy over cuz Ambrose begged for it so he can come too. What say ye? Also, if this doesn't work than a Sat in the future. This Sat I am watching two other kids... too many to bring along... but maybe I'll be brave and just go for it!

jalna said...

I loooove the chairs and the umbrellas!

purabi naha said...

Oh, wow!! Ono Yo products look yummy...I love frozen yogurt. LoL on your bad news! Mariko, jackfruit is a real nice flavour...and very aromatic!

Anonymous said...

So, when I ate that creamy, heavenly, lilikoi goodness it wasn't from a yogurt machine? It was perfection. You don't need a fro yo machine.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the most adorable ice cream on wheels I've seen in a long time, it's so "old school" and I love it.

doug and becky said...

never been. always wondered. stopping by sometime soon. thanks for sharing.

Nippon Nin said...

I think you took me there once, true? I want to go there and try different flavor. You have beautiful children. I love to give them hugs.

FootPrints said...

mmmmmm this sounds delicious!! do you know if they are ever Eat The Street?

Katie Lewis said...

This looks really yummy. Even at 7 in the morning.

Oh, and in response to the comment you just left on my blog last night or whenever, I was thinking about it, and I think it would be a better use of both our time if we just became neighbors and I did all the sewing in exchange for you doing all the cooking. I'm pretty sure that would make my life amazing. Especially if you really do get a frozen yogurt machine... and share.

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