Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mommy Lunch: Spaghettini with tomatoes, lemon, feta and pine nuts

You know what makes me go crazy for cooking more than food pictures?

Food videos.

I’ve got a list of food to make from this round of Project Food Blog.

First I made this:018_edited-1019_edited-1

Featured on Eat Live Travel Write’s video post.

I knew Jake wouldn’t like it (every ingredient in here is on his hit list), but the combination was just irresistible. I made it for myself. Except the girl wanted some of her own.021_edited-1

Tart, bright, creamy, chunky.

Then there was Ben’s. Lauren’s.

And Salty. Marc. Jen.

Eataduckimust. Diana. Julie. Greg.

There are more. I used up every vote. All 24. They’re truly amazing.

Which was your favorite?



Rich said...

Yeah, I've noticed the same unintended benefit - the inspiration to make all this stuff! And yes, the still photography also makes me go crazy for cooking - and your shots are fantastic!

Beth said...

That spaghettini looks wonderful. I think I'll try it too!

Torviewtoronto said...

Delicious pictures of pasta they look yummy

David said...

A new way on spaghetti for me. Thanks for the share

emma said...

Yum - I tried this, with some gluten free corn spaghetti. Very simple and very tasty, although just one lemon was enough for us.

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