Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes I’m a little unfocused.

061_edited-1When I was a kid I thought that being adult was the same thing as knowing exactly what to do.

Today I picked up one thing and absent mindedly went for the next thing with my head half turned around wondering where I was going. Or where I’d been.

I started thawing chicken for dinner and soaking beans all the while realizing I have no idea what I’m making for dinner.

Chicken and beans?

I’m halfway in my head through a recipe for a new popsicle but I can’t stop looking at chocolate chip cookie cupcake recipes. I could make that popsicle a cupcake instead, I think. And take pictures.

But the light is fading and it’s been threatening to rain all day. The flash flood watch has been promising it’s going to pour buckets on our step. Tension vibrates in that grey humid air.

So in between dreaming about foodblogger camp, Momofuku cereal milk ice cream, and when I could finally take a shower, I decided we should eat some cereal on the porch. And follow that up with some sour tangerines.

Amaya swung in the hammock, silently, and looked at those undecided clouds. 067_edited-1

Moze slobbered. 063_edited-1

I tried not to think too far ahead.

The wind rustled the leaves for just a minute and I thought it was rain.



burp_excuzme said...

Hmm...sounds like you've had a long day, Mariko. but I agree that Momofuku cereal milk ice cream is VERY distracting. ;-)

Jillian said...

Food is hard to focus on because there are ENDLESS options. Delicious options. Oh, and then there are the kidlets pulling at your thoughts just as they start to get focused. I love your food blog. It's a little torturous, but inspiring too.

Marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Darling, gorgeous & precious! Are you going to Food Blogger Camp?? I am....

saltyseattle said...

this is a great story that happens to all of us:) i like your take on life.

wanted to drop by and let you know that i think you're wonderful and add a lot to this community. xo, linda

Damaris Palmer said...

next time we'll go for sure. one week in NY was not enough time.

Siennapalmer said...

i like this story. reminds me of real life.

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