Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Perfect Food

I’ll have to apologize for not posting regularly. I had a bad case of watermelon in the belly. Now I’m blaming it on this:

IMG_8614 Doesn’t he look like a time waster? I mean, who can get anything done around here?

This is my second baby and I’m doing the déjà vu dance in my head. Probably the biggest piece of it has to do with nursing. Mother’s milk is supposed to be the most perfect food there is. Why, then, is it so difficult to prepare?

How many other recipes out there have entire books dedicated to them? Professionals to help mothers with the serving of it? An entire gamut of products dedicated to the best possible dining experience?

There’s latching and engorgement and cracking and let down and don’t eat too much of this and switch feeding and on-demand and please, please, please don’t wake up yet.

You may be lucky enough to be a professional at this recipe right off. I’m still studying technique and serving it charred.

It may be the world’s most perfect food, but the imperfect chef is tearing her hair out in the kitchen.

The customer, however, is still pretty perfect. And (mostly) keeping his criticism to himself.




FootPrints said...

congratulations!! that is the handsomest little foodie! here's to hoping you perfect the recipe or rather the serving of it....

Le Mama! said...

Congrats! He is so beautiful. I love babies. So far the only problem with nursing for me was engorgment and having too much milk all the time. I guess my babies just were born to latch on and eat all the time. I better not jinx my self because mabye the third will not be a perfectionist at it. Good luck with trying to master the nursing art. I'm still learning. But luckily my customers have been pretty content.

Robbie said...

I love his tiny mouth faces! I have to come and see you guys today!
sorry that nursing has been just as hard the second time around. :( Keep at it, though! You rock, mama chef!

Mariko said...

Thanks for the congratulations. He's a good baby despite the other issues... ;)

sandy said...

How adorable, this is one cute baby!

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