Saturday, December 12, 2009

Foodie Gifts for your Foodie Mama (and Foodie Self!)

I'm totally sold when it comes to Williams and Sonoma. I buy into the whole deal when I walk into the store and I salivate over the catalog when it comes to call. Even if I go there to buy gifts, I end up buying things for myself too.

I've been keeping an eye out for good foodie gifts this Christmas and I would be extraordinarily happy to get any Williams & Sonoma gift, especially this one: The Zoku Quick Pop Maker. I saw this in the catalog and immediately went on-line to check it out. After I watched the video of it I was totally sold, and I want to make some popsicles no matter WHAT the weather is outside.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker, $49.95
I have to mention here that W&S is the only company to carry this product! Believe me, I checked.

I love their hot chocolate-- So creamy and chocolatey-intense. I've bought this a few years in a row now for myself and for friends.

Hot Chocolate with Pot $39.95 (chocolate only $19.50)

And here's the link to more gifts under $50 at Williams & Sonoma
(I'm drooling again over sticky buns and chocolate croissants on that page. If only I could guarantee their amazingness after crossing the ocean!)

Last year I bought, for myself, an 11 Cup cuisinart food processor that was on sale at I am so glad I did. I saw that they are on sale again, and don't you deserve one?
11 Cup Cuisinart Food Processor $130

My last recommendation is for a cast iron skillet. I think everyone should be cooking in cast iron and stainless steel now that I've read so much about non-stick pans and the hazard to your health. I try to cook only in my cast-iron. If you keep it well-seasoned it is really just as good as your non-stick pan. The best deal I found was!


MP said...

Great suggestions! I have a cast iron skillet and agree that it's a must-have. Now I want all of the rest of the great things on your list, too!

karla_s said...

I too drool over the WS catalog...and I too looked at the popsicle maker, and the chocolate, and the knives, and the mandoline (I can't find mine) and the ebleskiver cookbook, and the pasta press and then I try and figure out how I can make the food that they sell in the back. Then I get really hungry and go eat some chocolate. Its a wonder I don't weigh a whole lot more!

Mariko said...

I forgot to mention how much I drool over the Zingerman's catalog. I should have put a blurb in about them too! Their food catalog is amazing. When I'm rich I will totally be in the Bacon of the month club. And the Zingerman club. And pay for the bread to be shipped over here.

Jenna said...

good reminder. i do need a large cast iron skillet, gotta put that on my xmas list. i only have a small one which is great for cornbread, carrots, small steak.

Bekah said...

it's popsicle weather over here as in if you go outside you will become a popsicle. come summer we could use one or two of those.

Mariko said...

Popsicles are lovely next to a roaring fire.

Super Healthy Kids said...

I've never seen such a thing as that popsicle maker! How great is that. They can be so messy without good tools.

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