Monday, December 7, 2009

Easy Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday we hosted a gingerbread-house-making party. We had around 20 kids (20 sugared up kids, oh my). When my husband came home with bags and bags of candy I thought he had gone overboard. However, after yesterday I realized that it's ALL about the candy. The kids even put Skittles inside their hot chocolate. It was pretty out of control but fun none the less.

If you plan on making a gingerbread house with your kids or the entire neighborhood here are some tips to make it worth your while.
  • Graham Crackers! Seriously, forget the gingerbread dough and go buy some graham crackers. They're so much easier to work with.
  • You can never have enough gummy bears. 
  • Make your own icing with powdered sugar and water. It's so much cheaper then the store bought icing and if you just add a tiny bit of water to the powdered sugar that stuff will work like cement.
  • Let the kids do it their way and just sit back and watch the little architect inside of them come to life.

If you are aching for real gingerbread here is an easy homemade gingerbread recipe that I use to make cookies. StumbleUpon


Gail said...

Perfect! You just gave me the most perfect idea for my sons upcoming Jungle Animal theme birthday... making jungle houses instead of the christmas theme ones here. Im off to stock up on Graham Crackers and Gummy Bears! Thanks

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