Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello Musubi!

A couple of days ago I got a package.
Look what was in it.   (ok, so the towel is already wrinkly, because I don’t know how to use kitchen towels properly, but it’s perfect in real life.)
You’re jealous. I know. I’m lucky enough to have Shar as an “pen” pal and she sends me the best packages (noodles from Chinatown, curry leaves, and even lemons and limes from her garden). These are her new designs for this season. Do you see how ingenious this is? Rice kitty, nori wrap on the onigiri shaped body… Crazy Cute.
Shar, the creator of shirts, towels, and all things kawaii, will be at Moanalua High School this Saturday from 9-2, and there are free shuttles from Aliamanu middle school. She says that this is a huge show with over 200 vendors.
If you miss her there, the last show is at Moanalua Middle school...from 9-2. Mahiole street in Moanalua Gardens on December 15th.
If you’re not lucky enough to be in Hawaii and want to order, email me and maybe she’ll be willing to ship to you. But poor you, not living in Hawaii. You miss out on all the fun.



rt said...

jogging my memory of going craft fairs with my mom as a kid. is this the same Shar of the '80's and '90's?

Mariko said...

K&S: It is! I know she's one of your readers, too!

Robyn: I think it is... Shar? Is it you?

shar said...

Yup, I sound so ancient haha.

I would be really upset if there was someone else calling themselves the same name...haha.

I have customers from the very start of my business which I began while still in school.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Trust me I already feel bad about not living in Hawaii.
These are super cute.

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