Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

I only had eyes for Christina at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in September.tosi8 

Oh, yes, we’re totally on a first name basis. And I told her she was my rock star.2012-09-09_1347233906

She is as gracious in person as she is in her book.

I lurked around her table. I barged in on people at a nearby table and pretended to look around. I was the most obvious stalker possible. She was a total professional. A few of the slow poached eggs broke before they could be served and she sent them back to be redone. I haven’t figured out how to make these eggs—I’ve tried twice—but this is the second time I’ve gotten to eat them and they are even lovelier than I remember. Tosi6

I’m a girl that’s squeamish about uncooked egg white but slow poached eggs, done in the shell and then broken and slid out right before consuming, are creamy, even though they appear underdone. The yolk is the perfect temperature and bursts like a little sun. tosi breakfast I’ve said before that she’s a genius with salt in her recipes. I watched that genius in action. She’s not afraid of salt; she pinched it up and made it rain.

My heart sang, “Let me wash dishes for free in your kitchen. You don’t have to share your secrets, I just want to eat your crumbs. I will never leave if you teach me how to sprinkle salt.” It’s a miracle I came home that afternoon.

I accidentally took a swig of her coffee milk. I thought it was chocolate, but it wasn’t.


Did I say there was onion pineapple marmalade and bacon? There was. Sorry to torture you like this.

Too bad I can’t kidnap her and make her be my personal chef. I’m sure if I did that she would still be super nice to me, as she was to everyone. I can’t say the same for all the famous people that were there.

Not to mention that I would be the fattest person alive, at which point she could escape.

I went with the 59th best thing and made myself a breakfast sandwich, with one half of a multigrain English muffin. openbreakfast5

It’s about 300 calories. Was completely compliant with my diet. You could probably even put some turkey bacon on it.

Nowhere near as good as Christina’s, but I still have a memory.

A dream.

An inspiration.




K and S said...

ooh slowly poached eggs in a shell sounds like what the Japanese have called "onsen tamago", not sure how it is actually done though, sorry!

FootPrints said...

what is it about the yoke thats so delish? i love it. if i order pancakes, i always order an egg to go on top so they will be drenched in yoke.

Mariko said...

K&S: That's what it is! David Chang writes all about how to do it in the Momofuku cookbook. I tried twice and ended up wasting eggs. They came out all funky.
Footprints: My dad used to always eat pancakes that way. I thought it was weird back then, but I love it now. :)

Nippon Nin said...

Lovely pics! Look so delicious!

Milli said...

I have just got the book and think I need brownie grasshopper pie in my life.. this week. I know I can make all the recipes now but how much I would love to have a decent bakery round the corner for a treat a week!

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