Monday, October 3, 2011

Eat the Street Kakaako

6ETS septemberOn Friday I was lucky enough to go to Eat the Street in Kakaako with a friend for her birthday.

I love when I can pretend I’m doing something nice for a friend but really just get to eat whatever I want. Birthdays are so great for that. I recommend them.

Eat the Street is an event where a bunch of food trucks and pop-up food tents gather for a crowd of people who are at least as hungry as I am (organized by streetgrindz).

We basically decided there were no limits and no shame to getting everything that looked good. 15ETS september

Our first stop was Inferno’s Wood Fired Pizza. Yes. They brought their own oven and set up shop. Awesome. We ate the cheese pizza with truffle oil and both of us were stuffing our faces even though it was still too hot to eat. These guys are champs—they were churning out pizza constantly and I know for a fact that rolling out pizza crusts is a pain and a half. They were also offering barbecue pork pizza and I wanted to stand in that line too…

Adam, my friend and wedding photographer, is great friends with Jonas Otsuji, the mastermind behind Otsuji farm’s Hawaiian nachos. I missed out on the kale nachos (tempura fried kale topped with fish and sauce) but the breadfruit nachos were delicious too. I slammed them so quickly, one bite each.

14ETS september

5ETS september

Then we were off to the Tiki Truck. I can’t stay away from this place. I was the last order as they had run out of crack sauce. Lucky me!

9ETS september11ETS september

10ETS september

I could eat about a dozen of these tacos. The green papaya slaw mixed with the crack sauce is just pure bliss.

12ETS septemberThen we were off for some corn (lilikoi butter and parmesan cheese), Ono Pops (WHY did I forget to take a picture? Too busy eating), and then a crepe.

I don’t care if crepes are over done with these kinds of things. And who cares that I can make them myself? I just love a crepe. 13ETS september

Yes, that is a real bottle of nutella. Did that not convince you?

While we were waiting for our crepe I sidled over and bought a bleu cheese slider and ate it. (Ok, so I ate half of it.)

Even though we stuffed ourselves I still bought 4 macarons from La Tour Café, and they were buttery deliciousness. So worth it.

I love outdoor eating events with too many people. We met a couple of friends from twitter @hnlmark @melissa808 @nonstopmari (I missed @edoshiro again! and as I found out later, @chefjay and others… Next time, ok?) and even had a lovely chat woman who somehow connected because of a love of Jamaican men. I love a night out.

What did you do this weekend?

P.S. The workshop with Dianne Jacob is December 10 at Cupola Theatre in Honolulu. Click HERE for more information and to register! See you there!



Katie Lewis said...


I really have got to stop reading your blog when I'm hungry.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Holy deliciousness. Everything, and I mean everything, you ate sounded absolutely amazing. Lilikoi butter?! How do you make that. And on top of corn? I want to try that right this second.

The Little Foodie said...

Ha ha. I feel like that every time I turn on my computer, since all I do is look at food. :)

Da: It was amazing. I can't wait to take you there. I have no idea how they make that butter but I was looking up recipes all weekend. Definitely going to try it soon. (with parm was the kicker)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Wow looks amazing!!! I can eat two of those corns... I miss street food!

sophia said...

So food trucks have infiltrated Hawaii, too! You know, we have so many street carts selling corn like that here in my neighborhood. They also sprinkle chili powder over!

Robbie said...

Yum, your pics and descriptions make it seem even yummier!

Randism said...

yeah, that's the way to live!

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