Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ted’s Bakery

2teds bakeryI think there is no North Shore food list without Ted’s Bakery.

And said list, is probably not complete, without a recommendation to eat some Ted’s Haupia Pie.

Well, this is my blog. I get to change the rules.

Here’s what you need to know about Ted’s.

It’s packed, a lot of the time. You can wait quite a while for your food these days because everyone knows how good the food is. There are more locals than tourists, which is a good sign. 4teds bakery

Get there early. You want a doughnut. Possibly plural. Fresh, plain, glazed. Trust me. Beats out any of those other doughnuts any day of the week. Just writing this sentence is making me wish it was morning so I could have one, or two.

I may, or may have not, bought 2 doughnuts, intending to share with someone, and then conveniently forgot that I was going to share.

5teds bakeryThe breakfast sandwiches are killer. Probably what makes it is the bread, and basically, everything made with Ted’s bread is good. Sandwiches, burgers, breakfast sandwiches (my personal fave) and the pig in a blanket. Those sell out early too.

I have a friend who swears by the éclair, but if I’m going to get a dessert for later, I make it the

Chantilly Haupia Cake3teds bakery

I’m trying to emphasize this for you. That’s what you want. Some of you may be skeptical about this. Most people just go straight for the pie and never try the cake. If you try the cake, you won’t need the pie again. It’s moist, light, and the chantilly frosting is this addictive pudding-like cool swath of a mix between custard and caramel. Add the Haupia layer in the middle and you’re very happy. This is probably my favorite cake out there. And I do love my cake.

Outdoor seating, again. The kids love running around and chasing the birds. My girl can down a whole breakfast sandwich and part of a doughnut on her own. Is there any question we’re related? 10teds bakery

After you’re finished with breakfast and dessert, you can roll yourself on home.

7teds bakeryOr if you realize you need to work it off, jump on the bike path. This path runs the length of the road from just before Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay. It’s great for strolling joggers, or just plain walking. While you walk you can fantasize about where you wish you could live, 8teds bakery9teds bakerysee some excellent views, and get in a couple of fun pit stops. If you want to see Hawaii, walk!1teds bakery

Ted’s Bakery

Google Maps

59-024 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa

(808) 638-8207 ‎

Open: Mon-Tue 7am-6pm; Wed-Sun 7am-8pm

Favorite Eats: Chantilly Haupia Cake, doughnuts, breakfast sandwich, hamburger, pig in a blanket, steak sandwich, teriyaki steak plate

Expenses: Baked goods $1-3, breakfast sandwich: <$4, sandwiches $6+, plates $9+, refrigerated drinks, smoothies, and hot coffee also available.

Little Foodie? Whole family friendly. Food to please everyone.

FYI: outdoor seating, take out style. Often busy on the weekends, midmorning and dinner hour is the worst. Get there early for baked goods! Fish and shrimp available as a meal option. Food can take a while to get. Credit cards accepted.



Masayuki said...

I was actually thinking about this yesterday, wondering when you would do Ted's Bakery. I was hoping you would invite me over to help do a guest post. Oh well. Maybe next year.

jalna said...

You're making me wanna move out there.

Mariko said...

Masayuki: Ha! That's an expensive guest post. You are a good spokesperson for them, though.

Jalna: Isn't it just a skip, jump and a hop from where you are? :)
Truthfully, though, you have every option town side, which I'm jealous of pretty often.

liko said...

i hear the doughnuts are better than krispy kremes, but you know i've never tried them! i eat the danishes and muffins frequently, along with the carrot cake and pie, and i used to eat their breakfast croissants all the time. they make some killer birthday cakes, too - chantilly, dobash, all kine.
yeah, but then i see the fit people on the beaches after and i feel sick, not sick enough to barf, although i probably should...not really, but you know what i mean...

sophia said...

Less than $4 for a breakfast sandwich? That sounds lovely. If you had taken me along, Mariko, I would have made you share 90% of that donut with me. ;-)

stephanie joy said...

Liko - I was just thinking that as I read Mariko's post - it IS better than Krispy Kreme. So so good. I have been quite inspired by these posts friend. I went to Waialua bakery yesterday and have the works on my turkey sandwich and a wonder bar and we tried Sunny Day and the Paradise something-or-rather smoothies. This morning Asher and I stopped by Titas after his TB shot and got big slces of bread and the Tita who took our order threw in free cocoa-rice for both of us!

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