Saturday, March 12, 2011


I just checked the news.

Sendai looks terrible. The word seems woefully insufficient.

Elle Marie is there. She is a lovely person whom I only know through words, but I feel like we have met.

I hope you will send all of your positive energy towards her. Every ounce of it. I absolutely hate that I can think of nothing to do beyond that. If you can think of something, anything we can do, I will do it.

Charter a plane and go pick her up? Can I do that?



Anonymous said...

Mariko, your words warm my heart, I'm floored that you mentioned me, you are such a kind, warm sole, I hope we get to meet in person soon.


Mariko said...

I'm glad that you are not in Sendai itself, and that the tsunami warnings are now over. Take care. When I come to Japan next hopefully we can meet up.

FootPrints said...


Anonymous said...

I look forward to it Mariko, I'm so happy to have read your mothers site (?) and her family and friends are okay as well. I can't imagine that this is worse than the Hanshin quake, I think I'm still in shock right now, I imagine everyone is. I'm relived that Hawaii wasn't battered and you are safe. I'm still waiting to hear from some friends and family, but trying to remain as calm as possible.

Be well my friend, and have a nice weekend.

Kristen said...

Lillie (6) told me, after the earthquake in Haiti, that she wanted to be a pilot when she grew up so she could go there, pick up all the people and bring them to Laie so they would have homes and food. I think that applies to Japan and Elle as well. :)

El said...

I completely agree. The jet idea is great. This tragedy has been awful. I'm so glad you're okay in Hawaii. Peace, El

marla said...

I wish we could pick everyone up & save them....

A little bit of everything said...

wish would be that easy to get on a charter and help those in need.
Donating to Red Cross is what most of us can do.

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