Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love and Mayo Sandwiches

141210003People always ask me how I have time to blog. We all know they’re implying that I’m ignoring my children.

Usually I blog at night, but sometimes I have to finish a post or check a few things during the day. So when the baby is down for his morning nap (I say that, as if it’s routine or a sure thing), I’ll jump on the computer, leaving Amaya to her own devices.

When I’m watching her through my peripherals, she’ll find her own entertainment.

Making mayo sandwiches. She knows I don’t want her to eat it straight out of the jar, so she pretends to make it legit with the bread. 141210004

Dressing up like a “pie-reck” (pirate)


Not sure what the book is all about, but I guess pirates need them.

Using as much paint as de Kooning for an art project


Messing up her room. 141210007


When I say something about cleaning her room, she says, “It’s not really that messy you know.”


If I wasn’t actually there, I wonder how many mayonnaise jars, paint jars, and toy drawers she would go through.

I hope kids just get more interesting with age. I’d hate to lose this.



Joyti said...

She sounds like quite a character :) And cute as button too.

Robbie said...

mayo sandwiches? Crazy girl. Thanks for the Amaya update post. I miss her. She made me feel like I was the coolest person around!

Nippon Nin said...

She is quite a independent person isn't she? She's good with come back too. But I hope she will clean up before I visit.

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

Meghan likes to eat butter. Just butter. By the hand full.

sophia said...

I wanna hang out with her!!! She seems so cool. Even though I don't get along with kids, I think I'll do fine with her! :D

angi said...

So: I used to make butter "sandwiches" as an excuse to eat butter. Thus: You go, Amaya!

Mariko said...

Indie.tea: She is all character. Not sure where she got it from.
Robbie: I'm pretty sure Amaya just thinks you're on vacation, so.... Better come back soon!
Nippon Nin: Pretty sure we'll be doing that. :)
Maryea: I've heard a lot of people say that. Actually. I guess it's not weird, and I do love butter...
Sophia: She gets along with adults most of all. She loves them.
Angi: Yeah. Maybe I should just let her eat a jar and get it out of her system. Is that good parenting?

Thanks guys for your comments. I love my readers.

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels said...

Your daughter is so funny for making mayo sandwiches. My cousin used to make mustard sandwiches when he was little and I used to eat ketchup and mustard sandwiches as a kid. haha.

dana said...

hey i love mayo sandwiches too. It tastes better if you can get some salad leaves too. And she sure looks like a tomboy. You must be having so much fun.
Merry Christmas!

Mariko said...

Lindsey: Ketchup and Mustard sandwiches? Well, I'm glad you've moved on to tasty baking.
Dana: I'll try the salad leaves. At least I'll be able to justify her eating them, I guess.

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