Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyone’s Here! And a giveaway winner.


Group dynamics are:




time consuming




but mostly, fun.


We’re lucky to be adopted members of the Palmer family (I live in an apartment attached to the main house of a family my husband grew up with) and when everyone’s home, it is a commune. The flow of kids and adults through doors and living spaces is constant.

There are group reading lessons and early morning surfs and early morning kids and hours of planning and hours of doing and all of the kids are photogenic and sandy and eating quesadillas and taking bucket baths.

There is only a little crying, and lots of fun.


It’s Christmas in Hawaii. Today we’ll make black eyed peas and take a trip to the farmer’s market.

At least that’s what Da and I are doing. The kids will be making mayo sandwiches, I‘m sure. 161210019

I’m glad there were so many of you who wanted the pie maker as much as I did. (I should have entered!) But Maryea, of Happy Healthy Mama, won. Hopefully she’ll share.


It’s perfect that you won, Maryea, since I think our husbands agree, but we need this pie maker. Oh, yes, we do.

Hope you’re having as wonderful a Christmas (if only a little colder) as us.



FOODalogue said...

Looks like a wonderful experience. Is that Da I spy at the water's edge taking photos?

Happy holidays to all!

Mariko said...

It is! Good eye. She married into my bff family (yep, the whole family). Lucky for us.

Nippon Nin said...

Perfect weather looks like. We here in Oregon are having mostly rain. Where the picture of Mozely?
Love. Mom

dana said...

The kids are adorable. And looks like you had great fun.
Merry Christmas!

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