Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salmon Ship Sandwich with Crispy Cheese

My son loves salmon. Last year he loved talapia but now he loves the red fish, the more expensive fish, but I guess it's also the healthier fish.

The great thing about salmon is that it's easy to make. Heck, I let him make it.

This is what I do. I put about 1 cup water in a cast iron skillet and then I let Enzo season the fillets. This is his favorite part. I get all the seasoning out of the cupboard and I let him have a go. This last time he insisted on using cinnamon. I was happy with the flavor, but most importantly he was happy with the flavor.

Then I simmer the fillets in the skillet for about 5-10 minutes. Don't over cook salmon. Just don't. If you do the texture ends up being rubbery and way off. If you don't it becomes flakey and moist. We want flakey and moist.

We usually eat it right away with some rice and salad.

With the left overs I make salmon sandwiches. I mix salmon with cream cheese for the filling and then stuff it in pita bread. My family is obsessed with crispy melted cheese so I recently started melting cheese on a skillet until crispy and then breaking off the pieces and serving that in sandwiches. This time I assembled Enzo's sandwich to look like a sail boat. I know. I'm so nice to him. He does appreciate it, though, which is good. StumbleUpon


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