Monday, May 24, 2010


IMG_8075 copy I can feel summer on its way. I’m even melting a little.

Otai fits the season perfectly—a concoction of the best fruits of summer. This is a Tongan food, which makes it pretty common in Hawaii. We drank this up yesterday and liked the cool in our bellies. Coconut, watermelon, pineapple… This is what the word “refreshment” was made for.  

I’ve heard you can make this with mango, too. As soon as my tree gives us its bounty, I’ll be trying that out. IMG_8091

This is a drink that you slurp and eat in chunks. So you can justify it for breakfast, as I did.

IMG_8083 Otai (makes a pitcher full)

  • 5-6 C seedless watermelon, scooped out of the shell
  • 2 C fresh pineapple, grated with the large holes of the box grater
  • 1 can coconut milk (2 C)
  • 1 can filled with cold water
  • ice cubes
  • sugar as needed
  1. Mash the watermelon lightly. You don’t want it pureed—just chunky and juicy at the same time.
  2. Mix in the grated pineapple. You can leave this out if you prefer, but I like the tang.
  3. Mix in coconut milk and water and ice cubes. Stir thoroughly and taste to see if you want some sugar. I didn’t need any extra sugar because it was sweet enough. Serve very cold and you may need a spoon.


Robbie said...

Thanks for sharing with us! It was so ono. :9 (that smiley face is licking his lips)

Veeda said...

You have a mango tree? I'm sooo jealous!

Callie Canlas said...

otai, oh my! that mango tree is gorgeous...i miss california life :)

Anonymous said...

This is looking tasty -- will definitely give it a whirl. I think it would be a hit even on a cold and foggy San Francisco day.

Celia said...

Oh my goodness... I wish we had a mango tree. They are all over the place in South FL... but we're in northern FL. :( I love mango. I will have to try this one!

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