Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jim's Pancakes

Dads are the best. They just are. This dad wins the prize. His whole blog is dedicated to making fun pancakes for his 3 year old daughter.
My son would just die for this crane pancake.

and this cereal pancake is pure genius.  Jim you are the man and your videos explaining how to make your pancakes are a riot. Your daughter is l-u-c-k-y!

Go check out Jim's Pancakes blog but make sure your kids aren't near by or else it will be the end to plain pancakes as you know it.

p.s my friend Natalie sent me the link. She has the best eye for this sort of thing. You're the best Nata. Obrigada! StumbleUpon


Mariko said...

This guy is crazy! I wish I could make something that cool.

Natalie said...


Eba eba!

I knew you would love the blog. Amazing isn't it?

Can't wait to see Damaris' version of fun Pancakes!

Bjos e saudades,

Anonymous said...

Very very cool. Amazing what one person's dedication to pancakes can create.

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