Thursday, April 29, 2010

An interview with the folks from They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook is one of those food blog where you're like "they are on to something BIG." The title is self explanatory and if I knew how to draw anything besides a stick figure I would be all over their project trying to submit a recipe.
When I saw their site the first thing that came to mind was, "I need to beg these people to create a cook book for kids." I don't know about you but I've been on the search for a cook book that my son would enjoy and so far I've found none! There are plenty of cook books out there that says that they are for kids but in reality they're just easy recipes that parents can make with their kids. Those are o.k too but I want something that my four year old will enjoy looking at. Something like this...
What kid wouldn't enjoy making an M&M Casserole?

I had the pleasure of interview Nate and Salli and they are as lovely as their blog.

1) How did you come up with the idea for this blog?
Salli-it started when Nate (my brother/studio partner) recreated a heavenly fig pasta dish he had in Berlin... which led to me buying a lovely little crate of fresh figs...which I ended up illustrating because their shape + color was so intriguing...which made me realize how much fun food was to illustrate...which led me to posting illustrated recipes on my blog...which led to gathering some artist/friends to illustrate some recipes with the hopes of creating a book...however, we needed at least 9 recipes for the book and since one of the artists was taking too long to finish (we're impatient) Nate said, "let's just make it a blog"....and 15 minutes later he had the header and template designed.  Around this same time I had a psychic tell me, "listen to an idea your brother has because it will be BIG!" I think the psychic was right.

2) where do you hope to go with it?
Salli-honestly? it's just great fun seeing it catch on and awaiting each and every wonderful recipe that comes our way.  Nate's the grand master of the blog so he sees everything first..I'm a bit jealous of that. We really just hope that art directors everywhere see the superb illustrators on the blog and visit their websites and hire them for some amaZing projects! or maybe even a super great publisher will decide to make a super cool book of all the recipes...we both like keeping the options open and letting things meander's been wild making these blog/internet connections with artists all over the world!

3)when you were a kid what was the one food you hated?
Nate- I ate anything and everything - once when I was around 9 I ate a bag of pumpkin seeds then a bowl of peanut-butter-chocolate ice cream while watching the Miss Universe pageant and I barfed it all up - now those 3 things are totally off the list.

Salli- meat.  I think I was born a vegetarian.

4) How do you think us parents or caretakers can inspire our kids to eat something besides goldfish crackers?
Nate- Um, I don't even own a plant...Salli?  I can't wait to hear her response since she's been known to serve Skittles for dinner.

Salli- oh I am NOT the person to give advice here!  I have one very picky eater (just as I was) and one who is much more adventurous. I have friends whose kids love eating out and cooking and I wonder, "c'mon...what's the secret?" My husband cooks all the favorite meals around here (potato chip crusted chicken-tacos-gooey mac+cheese+cauliflower) while I sit eating my tofu and tempeh getting weird looks. I like cooking for a gathering more than as a daily event. oops, did I just admit that?

5) favorite food?
Nate- Anything Northern Indian - sag paneer + veg curry + mango chutney + naan = MMMMM

Salli- I do like crispy fried tofu! and a perfect chocolate chip cookie or two or fifty.

6) favorite children's book that involves food?
Nate- There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly...

Salli- I don't remember the name of the book but it was a Golden book about Christmas and there were lots of illustrations of decorated cookies + hot all looked so idyllic + yummy!  and of course, a more current favorite is "the hungry caterpillar" and the american girl cookbook "mix-it-up" illustrated by Tracy McGuiness.

Thanks Nate and Salli. They Draw and Cook is above and beyond. The wheels in my head are turning. Lets work on a book together, we'll do the recipes and you do the illustrations. What do you say?
I would LOVE to illustrate a book for kids!!! sign us up!  I actually just finished up hand lettering and illustrating spot icons for a kids cookbook...I'll keep you posted when it is published.

a big fat thank you to Ana for introducing me to the site. Thanks Ana!

*all pictures are from They Draw and Cook. StumbleUpon


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a wonderful article about They Draw and Cook. I think that it is truly one of the most brilliant web blogs yet!!! I love art and I love food and I was so flattered they asked me to do a recipe!!! I agree, what a fabulous cook book this is going to be and if they could put one together for kids I know that it would be fun and beautiful! These two very talented people have such design sense. Being a part of this wonderful project was soooooo dang awesome!!!!

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