Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jewels, Stars, and Persimmons

Since it's Halloween this week, I had to pull out all the stops to get some nutrition in my house.

Amaya just picked up a huge bag of candy at preschool (???!!!!) and I had to distract her from it when we got home.

Any time I can make food seem like a treat she will pay attention, and certainly, when I get out some exotic fruits she has never seen before, she's all over it. After I tried to scrub off her face paint, we chowed down on some after school treats. She especially loved the pomegranate and recognized that they were seeds. I asked her what other fruit they were like, and she named grapes and cherries, which I think is a pretty good association.

We made faces, talked about colors, tried to describe their new tastes, and in a fit of genius I threw the fruit in plain yogurt. I'm always trying to get Amaya to eat plain yogurt because I'm pretty disgusted by the amount of sugar in flavored yogurt. She won't touch plain yogurt usually. I was surprised when she dug right in. I'm convinced she ate it because I had convinced her that the fruit was special enough to be a treat.

I hope we can survive Halloween week nutrition-wise. StumbleUpon


sienna said...

cute blog girls! i'm wishing we had some exotic fruit around here. all we have id apples, apples, and more apples. it must be fall. it does seem like half the battle of food and kids is presenting it in the right way. (i'll have to remember that when we get to the eating food stage).

Robbie said...

Amaya is the cutest! Damaris and Mariko are the best snack makers and I can't wait till baby K is big enough to eat this stuff. Good job making treats without sugar during Halloween week!
from, Amaya's #1 fan :)

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