Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blood and Eyeball Soup

I'm not sure how Halloween got this way, but it's like the whole week gets roped in with regards to SUGAR.
I admit. I love sugar. Probably the only reason I'm noticing it at all is because I vowed not to eat sugar (except on my birthday and Thanksgiving) until Christmas. So I'm walking around with a chip on my shoulder and I'm ready to bite your head off if you offer me Halloween goodies.

Amaya only just learned the word "goodie" this week, so you can imagine the melt-downs around our house.

I decided I had to satisfy some part of her sweet tooth without giving up entirely. I made this blood and eyeball soup and she spent a good half hour polishing off her bowl of dessert, thrilled with the idea that she was eating eyeballs, and didn't ask for any goodies for the rest of the evening.

Blood and Eyeball Soup

1 C large tapioca balls
4 C milk, divided
1 C water
2 C frozen strawberries
1/4 C agave syrup
20 drops red food coloring
garnish with grapes, cherries or pomegranate seeds

1. Soak tapioca in 2 C milk overnight.
2. Put mixture into saucepan. Add rest of (2 Cups)milk. Bring tapioca to a simmer over medium heat. Simmer and stir occasionally. Cook until balls are translucent and no longer gritty (about 20-25 minutes). Don't overcook or it will become too goopy.
3. While mixture is simmering, puree frozen strawberries with 1 C water in blender. Add mixture to the saucepan when the tapioca is finished cooking.
4. Add agave syrup and red food coloring. Garnish with desired round fruit item. (I also left a few chunks of strawberry and said it was "guts".)
note: you may want to use green food coloring and call it slime and eyeball soup. StumbleUpon


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