Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paleo Shamrock Shake

Generally, this diet has definitely made me want the nasty processed stuff less than usual. But the thing that always gets me--


in bold.

A while ago it was the Oreos in every possible new flavor... And I love Oreos. So that was killing me. I caved and ate the lemon, birthday cake, and berry ice cream flavors probably all in the same week.

I started seeing the Shamrock Shake pop up and I thought, oh no. Here it is. Another thing that Iʻm going to have to wait a year for. I adore holiday themed foods. Especially holidays like St. Patrickʻs Day which have very little meaning whatsoever. (Sorry, Irish peoples, if I just offended you.)

To try to talk myself out of it I looked at this: Whatʻs Really In That Shamrock Shake?

Ok, so maybe itʻs not such a good idea.

Iʻm sure even a homemade just pain olʻ icecream shake would be better than that.

So I made my Paleo Version. And Yes, itʻs healthy. I mean, spirulina is some seriously natural food coloring and freaking good for you too.

Iʻve also seen a couple of versions using avocado, which is a fantastic idea. Thatʻs what Iʻm going to try next. Maybe just frozen bananas and avocado and there will be no need for ice cubes. I also like coconut milk but I wasnʻt so sure about coconut milk and mint together.

I really like dates. So good.

This is all it is. Blend it together. Really well. The straw is optional. Be careful with that mint. I prefer not to drink toothpaste.



SHAR said...

Top of the Morning to ya !

That shake looks yummy. Love the dates.

Heres pinching you just in case you arent wearing green :)

Mariko said...

Thanks Shar! I forgot to wear green. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

The Almond Breeze unfortunately has Carrageenan in it. But the Trader Joe's brand doesn't. I will definitely be trying this though!

Nippon Nin said...

Interesting! I love the color of the drink. I'm glad to see some activities in your Food blog.

steve said...

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