Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Momofuku Wedding Cake


In the last 6 months I’ve been making more than my share of cakes. I think I’ve filled my quota of cakes, in fact.

Now that I’ve discovered the goodness of the Momofuku cake, and because I’ve recently bought 500 feet of acetate cake strips on-line, there will be no end to the cake baking at my house.

I roped my husband into making the chocolate marshmallow cake for Mother’s day. He was cursing my name while lovingly mixing and baking for 6 hours on the Saturday night before.

Poor thing. I didn’t feel bad as soon as I bit into it. momofuku010

The roasted marshmallows were the key. I ate too many pieces.


Then I made the chocolate chip lilikoi curd cake that Christina Tosi made for David Chang’s birthday. Jake didn’t like the chocolate and passion fruit flavors together but I was ecstatic. The chocolate crumb was so rich and I love how Tosi pairs crunchy and creamy and tart together.

AK wedding002 AK wedding003

I learned a lot about baking.
1) So much easier to weigh the ingredients.

2) Quarter pan size is not the same as half sheet pan size. Oops.

Some friends asked me to make the cake for their son’s wedding. The Springs are family to me and Austin is the same age as my brother. I said yes, even though I am terrible at decorating. AK wedding081

Luckily another friend took the decorating part over. AK wedding021

I had a real wedding cake baker, of Paradise Pastries,  to help consult on the structure. AK wedding003

Jake kept Mozely busy and I stayed up late only a few nights in a row. Austin and his sister, Noelle, helped bake the cakes and all the parts, hours of work, and especially, hours of stirring slowly thickening curd on the stove top. 

We only had one mishap.

Lesson #3: Eggs are necessary in this cake.

We still ate part of it, even though it dripped all over the oven floor, caught on fire, and filled the house with smoke.

11 lbs of butter later we had a wedding cake.

It takes up a whole fridge. Just in case you were considering making your own.AKWedding095

Birthday Cake Layers (without the sprinkles) and Lilikoi Curd, Birthday Cake White Frosting, and Milk Crumb. It could only be upstaged by the bride and groom. 

AK wedding030

I’ll be posting a lot more. Promise.

(Next week I’ll have a Shabby Apple Giveaway, and after that, an OXO giveaway. What a great way to kick off the summer, right?)



Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

Girl, that is LITERALLY the most beautiful wedding cake I've ever seen. If I ever get married (sigh), I'm calling you!!

Mariko said...

:) Thanks, Julie. I'm sure you could whip up your own amazing cake, but I'm flattered anyway!

Stephanie said...

Welcome back- way to come back with a bang!!

Kristen said...

Ditto what Steph said! SO HARD to learn about vegan food when you post stuff like this... hahahahaha

Zoe said...

Wow! This is so beautifully made!

Ellie said...

Looks delicious! I would love to have a taste of that cake!

Unknown said...

Looks absolutely amazing!!! You did an awesome job!! Love all the photos!! Now I want cake! :)

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

Wow that cake is gorgeous! I'm sure it tasted even better.

christian said...

The cake looks amazing and I'm sure it tasted incredible. I also love the cake platter, is it a Jake creation? I'm so excited you're blogging more but sad I won't have a computer until August and very limited internet until then. It's o.k, as you well know a little break is always good.

ps. This is Da not Chris (me having to use his computer)

Mariko said...

Steph: Thanks! I'm expecting a cake from you this weekend...
Kristen: Yeah... I guess I couldn't go without dairy or cake. Maybe we can come up with a vegan momofuku cake. Is it possible?
Zoe: Thank you very much!
Ellie: Wish I could say we saved some of it...
Carol: Me too. Ha ha.
Maryea: It was a bit funky looking but I can vouch for how it tastes. :)
Da: Yes, Jake made the platter a while ago, and it was up on top of Pam's cupboards. I think I may have to steal it.
I can't believe you won't have a computer for so long. I'm not sure I could do that at this point.

christian said...

I want one! I loved the platter. It's so beautiful.


Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen said...

Wow what a cake! Beautifully done.

CJ - Food Stories said...

Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!

Nippon Nin said...

Looks fantastic! We're expecting you to make smaller version and not wedding cake of this cake while you're staying here. Great job!

Zee said...

This is a really beautiful cake! I love how you've beautifully decorated it with kiwi fruits and blueberries.. I always prefer cakes with fruits n them :)

Muriel Quesne said...

wow ! I read that wedding cake was delicious and stayed moist even though not covered in fondant. I'm getting married in the south of France and considering to make my cake. Would it be possible to let me know what recipe you used for the sponge ? Many thanks in advance.

Muriel Quesne said...

wow ! I read that wedding cake was delicious and stayed moist even though not covered in fondant. I'm getting married in the south of France and considering to make my cake. Would it be possible to let me know what recipe you used for the sponge ? Many thanks in advance.

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