Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reborn as a 5-year-old

5magnumMy 5-year-old woke up and said, “Now that I’m 5, I can skateboard.” So off she went, outside, and jumped on the skateboard. Really.

Next she wanted me to take the training wheels off her bike, but I said, “Wait until Daddy gets home.”

Truthfully, I was just freaked out that she might be able to ride a bike without training wheels, just because she was 5.

Kindergarten is upon us at the beginning of August.

Sometimes she reminds me that she is still very young.

Like when she came home from the neighbor’s house yesterday, crying, that the kids told her she was “littler than them.”

“But I’m big, Mama. I’m big. I had my birthday.”

Or just how much she enjoys a treat. She considers it her right, as a citizen, to eat a cupcake for breakfast, or a Magnum ice cream bar in the afternoon. (Promise, I have never let her eat cupcakes for breakfast, but it doesn’t stop her from asking. Every. Single. Day.) I think only kids think this, and only adults eat cupcakes for breakfast.

Here she is, not sharing with Mozely. He can tell that he’s missing out on something.3magnum

1magnum(As you can see, a 5-year-old also still does not let me brush her hair without screaming like a banshee. We have cut off dreadlocks that gather in the wilds at the nape of her neck.)

I got a coupon from Foodbuzz through their Tastemaker Program for a free box of Magnum bars. The cashier at the grocery store couldn’t believe my luck.

I have a pretty high standard for ice cream bars, because in general, I don’t like ‘em. I think they’re covered in wax and the ice cream is bad quality. The chocolate did melt, quickly, which is important to me. And it was thick enough, instead of a waxy candy shell. The main thing that won me over?

A ribbon of velvety, soft caramel between two chocolate layers. Yes, you can come over for an afternoon snack at my house, Magnum. 2magnum

She savors better than anyone. I hope she won’t lose her 5-year-old self in a year. Let’s hold on to that a little longer, please.




Stephanie said...

For a second I thought perhaps you were inviting me over any afternoon for a ice cream snack, and then that ", Mangnum" killed all my hopes and dreams. heh heh

See ya Monday anyway, Mariko.

jalna said...


Anonymous said...

Aw! For some reason, ever since my niece turned two in May, she thinks she can use utensils properly like everyone else. It's so cute to watch her try! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Weird thing is that we are now vacationing in Hawaii and I, too, am an English teacher! Looking forward to following your posts!

Nippon Nin said...

I hope she had a fun birthday! Sending my love to Amaya and Mozely. When can Mozely have chocolate? Cute post!

Mariko said...

Stephanie: Feel free to sub in your name, there.

Jalna: You like to try new products, as I remember... Tell me if you like them too. :)

Yummychunklet: Ha! That's so cute. I can't even remember when that started happening with Amaya. I'll have to pay attention this time.

Thezestdiaries: Cool! I hope you're having a great time. E-mail me if you need any insider scoop!

Nippon Nin: Well, uh, Mozely has already had chocolate. I guess I've reversed all of my previous trying to be a good parent stuff.

Katie Lewis said...

Obviously I don't really know her, but your daughter seems like such a charming, down-to-earth kid from the way you write about her. I mean, ya know, a typical five year old, but chill.

Oh, and you asked how I felt about the work situation. Since I don't think any future employers will come here to read this, let's just say that I have mixed feelings about it. Financially, it would be a huge blessing. But there is a deeper part of me that wonders just how much I'd grow to regret all the time I'd miss out on with little Lala. To get in-state tuition for Bryan's first year here, I have to work full time. After a year, Olivia will be so much bigger in so many ways. It sure seems like you've done a great job being grounded as a mother (I mean that in a good way) and successful at working. Any advice?

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

We got the coupon too. Chris and Enzo ate it all in one day.The next day they made me buy another box.

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

Such a cute post. I imagine that's what Meghan's hair is going to look like when she's five since I currently have to chase her down and bribe her with TV watching to get her hair brushed.

Anonymous said...

You have one of THE most breathtakingly beautiful little girls i have ever seen. Im sure you know that, and im sure people tell you that all the time but as a mum I know it makes me swell with pride everytime someone compliments my children. You seem like such a wonderful mother, you give me inspiration everyday. Casey x

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