Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bake Sale is Live!

badge_largeIf you want to bid on the HUGE array of crazy yummy stuff over at the Tomato Tart, to aide Japan… TODAY…

(including my crack pie, and Da’s alfajores pops)

Check HERE for the rules

And HERE is the list of lovely lovely yummy.

Just as long as you don’t outbid me. I wants me some preserves. I’m willing to pay big.

And my offer to send you some recipes, salt and or pottery is still up! I just found out that my local store will match any donations to The Red Cross for Japan, so I’m doubling our money. Yes!

Thank you to everyone who has donated already. Thanks to all who tweeted and showcased our efforts! I love seeing all the support. Let’s make it last.


The Little Foodie



Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea to the organizer...

Kristen said...

You are awesome Mariko! What a great idea!

SuzyEats said...

great idea!!! :-)

Maria B said...

Not related at all, but: I hope you feel better very soon!!

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