Monday, January 10, 2011

Ketchup Noodles

171210002Today’s recipe comes from our 4 year old chef: Amaya.

Because we were ignoring them, Amaya and Enzo decided to eat dry ramen noodles. Seasoned with “seasoning packet.”


When Christian rescued them by cooking their noodles, Amaya decided that ketchup would be a good addition.

She didn’t finish them, and I didn’t like seeing them go to waste, so I closed my eyes tight and slurped them in quickly.


This is exactly why I do the cooking around here.

Ketchup noodles deserve to be wasted.



Christine Wu said...

Kids are funny. My brother used to eat uncooked instant noodles like he would eat crackers/chips. Just sprinkle with the seasoning.

lynn said...

when i was a kid my mom made ramen with a cracked egg, and it was reminiscent of fried rice. which goes great with ketchup! your kids are onto something!

Mariko said...

Christine: the ultimate kid dining. lasts through the ages.
The actor's diet: I do like fried rice with ketchup. I'd like some now, in fact! :)

sophia said...

Hee hee hee!! This was my brother's favorite!!!! They actually sell something like this in the streets in SE Asia...ah, good memories...

chow and chatter said...

thats a fun post I think I will pass on those he he

Nippon Nin said...

They are so cute but ketchup noodle? Blah.

Masayuki said...

Nasty nasty nasty. Although as I write this I'm eating Amanda's Lean Gourmet Shrimp with Pasta and Veggies since after buying it she decided it sounded too gross to eat.

Mariko said...

Sophia: No way. Ketchup noodles? REALLY?
Chow: Me too.
Nippon nin: Exactly.
Masayuki: That does sound terrible. Since when do you worry about wasting food? I say, waste that. No wonder it's diet food if people don't even want to eat it.

brhau said...

I used to looove eating dry ramen noodles growing up. My mom tried to discourage me by saying that it would make worms grow in my stomach.

alice said...

i'm not going to lie, if i was too lazy to even heat up water for ramen, i too would eat dried ramen... it's delicious :)

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