Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Nippon Nin

Meet my parents. Cute, right?

I talked my mom into starting a food blog. She rolled it around in her head for a few days and then Saturday afternoon she started acting nervous and cooked a bunch of food. "Will you help me start my blog?" she asked.

We stayed up late and I showed her how to blog. She said, "I forgot it already. Tell Dad how to do it."

Her blog is "Nippon Nin" which means "Japanese person." 

She already has a post up, and she has the makings of a great food blog. I think she's a natural.

My dad will be the behind-the-scenes blogger tech support. They make a good team.
But I promise, all the jokes are hers. She's pretty surprising for a nippon nin.


Chow and Chatter said...

on my way to check it out how cool

christian said...

Thats awesome. I'll go check it out.

Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} said...

How fun that your mom started a food blog! Going to check it out...

ちびか〜ちゃん said...


Masayuki said...

Translation for the above:

Comments aren't going through on your mother's blog. I thought about trying to comment with openID but... (it didn't work/wasn't able to)

And now on to my comment...

You should convince Amanda to start a food blog.

Mariko said...

Weird that the openID isn't working. It should be! Maybe just use the URL/name one?

You should start a food blog. Then maybe she'll join in the fun.

Chow and Chatter said...

its real snow lol

Marc @ NoRecipes said...

Wow that's awesome. I just got my mom using a computer last year so I think a blog might be ambitious for her, but that's awesome that your mom is blogging. We need more Japanese food bloggers.

Mariko said...

Marc: I think a blog might be ambitious for my mom, too. But she's learning. We do need more Japanese food bloggers.

Chow and Chatter: Whoa! It must be cold inside the house.

FootPrints said...

dude. she makes her own dressing? too cool.

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