Monday, November 8, 2010

On Coming Home

galadinner This weekend I was in San Francisco to eat and meet for the Foodbuzz Festival. I ate everything, including perfect chiccarones (salty, sweet, with a touch of spicy). They crunched and melted at the same moment. I met bloggers I love to read (who are also much much much taller in real life) and had so many conversations that I think will help me grow as a writer/photographer/food obsessor (too many to link to), and I’m missing EVERYONE. It was like being in a giant room with people just like me, except way more talented. It was like a dream sequence in a Thursday night sitcom. How will I go back to real life?097_edited-1 Untitled-1 Just to try to ruin our weekend, we had stuff stolen from us, from our hotel room. We spent hours worrying about our safety, realizing what else was gone, dealing with incompetent staff, and waiting for police.

Damaris came back a laptop lighter.

We also came back heavier. I brought back

  • 2 bags of swag
  • 1 bag of Ikea
  • 60 oz of milk
  • a pocketful of business cards
  • a brain filled to the brim with ideas
  • 5 lbs around the middle area

I’m thinking I’ll become an Asian jogging gluten-free dieting macaron-baking video mommy blogger who specializes in cake-pop bentos with a little bit of food scientist on the side.

Sound good?

2 out of 10 niches is all I can handle, I guess.

I also came home to a tired and perfect husband, humid weather, bathroom cockroaches, slow service, and frumpy dress-standards paired with rubber slippers.

And of course, this:103_edited-1 homemozeHawaii my Love. I always come back to you.



Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

This post is perfect minus all the crappy pictures of me. I'll forgive you.

Tell Jake thanks. I really had the time of my life (minus the crappy parts).

I miss everyone. I just want to hang out with friends all day who love to blog about food and I want to eat delicious things for free all the time. Why can't we do this every weekend?

Meeganation said...

So I read all your tweets on fb when we were in Chicago this past week but didn't visit your site to find out what you were talking about till now. HOW FUN!! That must have been some eating fest. I kind of feel a little like you did - we yelped our way in Chicago's dining scene and gained some pounds. But it was all worth it. : )

burp_excuzme said...

An Asian jogging gluten-free dieting macaron-baking video mommy blogger who specializes in cake-pop bentos with a little bit of food scientist on the side?

Sounds fabulous, but you already are, my dear Mariko! I loved loved LOVED meeting you in person...I miss you already! When is the next festival? Sigh...

Your kids are seriously works of art from God. So. Beautiful.

Maryea@HappyHealthyMama said...

Aww it's always nice to come home. :-)

Marla {family fresh cooking} said...

That is tragic to read about the theft in your hotel room. Thankfully you have your beautiful family to come home to. Sounds like Foodbuzz fest was a blast! xo

Indie.tea said...

What a fun-sounding event. Now I wish I had joined Foodbuzz, so I could have been there!

Justjenndesigns said...

Oh you were in the room that had stuff stolen! I'm so sorry, that makes for an awful trip. It was nice meeting you in the photog session!

Mariko said...

I just was telling burp and slurp that I want you to be my cupcake slave. !!! So glad we met.

Ben said...

So great to meet you in person, Mariko! I agree with Da. We should do this again next weekend.

emme @foodsamba said...

Mariko, it was great meeting and spending time with you in San Francisco! You babies are gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Your kids are cuteness overload! Definitely worth coming home to. ;) It was wonderful to meet you at the festival!

David said...

The post is great and the baby....:)

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