Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

023_edited-1Amaya loves cupcakes more than any other special treat. Most cupcakes are not that interesting to me so I understand when she just eats the frosting and tosses the rest. It’s hard to find a cake that’s special enough to hold its own as a cupcake and wouldn’t just be better as a cake.

I googled this exact title (thinking, somehow, that I had just created the most original cupcake ever and that I was a genius. HA!) and the first hit was AllRecipes.

Ummmmm, yellow cake mix, and a lot of people were saying “store bought cookie dough.”

That’s not a recipe. That’s a shopping list.

The second hit was Annie’s Eats, and I’ll say she’s the genius.

When I was making these I thought of my friend who had told me she had a hard morning. I was thinking, I know she doesn’t like cupcakes, but she would love this. We made lots and lots of cookies when she was here.

Plus, she (and Paula Deen) would not in the least be surprised about how much butter was in the recipe. And it wouldn’t change how much she ate.


Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes taste exactly like they sound. The cupcake, the frosting, the cookie dough balls—every texture is different even though it all tastes like cookie dough which makes it more interesting than just raw cookie dough. If you’ve got a significant other who likes cookie dough more than cookies, this is going to keep him tied to you forever. Or maybe you love cookie dough yourself and you’ll just continue believing in your own awesomeness for years after you make these even if you don’t cook another thing.


So buy yourself some butter and then make these.

Find the recipe HERE.

The only thing I changed up was that I froze the cookie dough balls beforehand and then put them in the cupcake liner before putting in the batter and before baking. No need for me to cut out cute cones from the baked cupcake and fill these with the filling afterwards. I liked how it was firmly in the middle of the cupcake. Plus it was a lot easier.



Damaris@ Kitchen Corners said...

I want to make these tonight for FHE but maybe I should wait so I can freeze the dough.

This is totally my kind of cupcake and your pictures look SO good.

Zoe said...

Cookie dough in cupcakes...yum! I will try to make these too :D

Sonya said...

HOLY JESUS. i licked my screen.

Carol said...

Wow. I really want some like right now! Yum! I love cookie dough!! And now it's in a cupcake?! Pure awesomeness!!

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels said...

Oh my word those look soooooo good. I swear I'm in love. Not to mention, your photos of the cupcakes are gorgeous! :)

foodies at home said...

Mmmmmmm....those look so perfect! I love the texture of cookie dough and now I want to make these NOW! I think you hit this one out of park!

Briarrose said...

Beautiful cupcakes. The frosting is my favorite part of any cupcake too. ;)

The Realistic Nutritionist said...

Those look AMAZING. Too good to be real :)

The Motherboard said...

Just in time! This is what I'm making for my husband's birthday next week! Thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

Sooooooooooo dreamy. You're on my list of things I love about living in Hawaii again.

Marla {family fresh cooking} said...

Look at you!! Go girl. Never enough butter & I am so happy you made your own cookie dough. I have read a few times lately about those frozen little dough balls & I likey!! Happy Thanksgiving!! XO

Orifaif5 said...

sounds great! so you baked the cookie dough into the cupcake so it's not dough anymore?

Amy said...

These sound so good! What could be more wonderful than a cross between cookie dough and a cupcake? Great recipe :)!

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