Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Giveaway: Foodzie Tasting Box!

Maybe, if you're like me, you're procrastinating your Christmas shopping instead of waiting out in the cold all night before a sale. Lucky you, because you get first shot at my awesome giveaway.

Foodzie is an on-line marketplace for small businesses that deal in FOOD (think food etsy, but a bit more organized and more selective for deliciousness). Basically, a magical wonderland for you and me, any season. I was recently able to try some of the products that are associated with Foodzie and even meet the people behind the products, which assures me that these things are made with care and by real people. INNA sells jams (as in "inna jam"), including an amazing jalapeno jam I was lucky enough to snatch up while I was in San Francisco last. Cute Dafna even delivers the stuff on a bike if you're in the area. And remember how I was telling you about those cookies that taste like cookie dough? Annie the Baker is on Foodzie too! And don't even get me started on La Mar's Mendocino Nori Sea Salt.

It's really no wonder that Foodzie has been making lists for being an innovative company even when they're being pitted against giant corporations.

I know. I think I'm selling you on this pretty hard. But I do love Foodzie. They're like a doughnut wrapped in bacon wrapped in a croissant wrapped in brie wrapped in chocolate. But allergen and fat free and makes you fly.

This is a present they are giving to you this weekend, while you're out there trying to take care of everyone else.

Because you deserve it!

They have a different tasting box each month filled with 5 generous samples of hand picked goodness for only $19.99. There is nothing I would rather get in the mail than a box of food.

Foodzie is providing a free tasting box to TWO of my fabulous frenzied fantastic fans.

To win this box, visit Foodzie and leave a comment telling me which delicious taste sample you hope is in this box. Make sure you put your correct e-mail address in the appropriate (confidential) box.

For an extra entry you can leave another comment if you publicly follow this blog.

If the comments are screwed up you can shoot me an email and I'll add you to the list.

That's it! Contest ends on Monday at 10 am PST.

Foodzie has cool Black Friday deals at their site all weekend long and will be giving away more tasting boxes on Monday. I'm thinking this is a good place to find presents.

Happy weekend. Did you have a yummy Thanksgiving? StumbleUpon


Julia Blanter said...

Have to admit I found you through googling Foodzie Tasting Box and I'm thrilled with your review! And as a bonus I discovered your beautiful blog! Now I'm off to read through your archives...

The sample I'd die to try is the Bacon Peanut Brittles by the Redhead crew! Their fried chicken is amazing so can only imagine how tasty that brittle would be!

Cara P. said...

I am wishing the Maple Honey Caramel Spread is in it! But the Bacon Peanut Brittle sounds good too!

The Actor's Diet said...

there's no doubt what i want - ANNIE THE BAKER'S BALLS!

Sonya said...

wow. i likie that site. i do want to try those bacon chips...but it says their sold out....i can wait.

Sonya said...

AND i follow your blog.

Bakingbarrister said...

I want more Annie cookies! SO GOOD!

Bakingbarrister said...

we've discussed this, but i also publically follow you. those cookies were just so good...

Jackee said...

Aunt Ida’s Chocolate Babka sounds delicious!

Jackee said...

I follow your blog publicly :)

Leila said...

I love your blog and read your posts daily, great stuff!!

i'd love to try the artisanal lavash with some of my yummy Epoisses cheese. I'll take popcorn any day too!
Happy Holidays!

sisinpacific said...

too many to decide...all their stuff looks delicious

sisinpacific said...

no lurking here...I follow your blog

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

fun giveaway Mighty! I want more mendocino sea salts please.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I follow you here there anywhere!

Cynthialil said...

Chocolate Truffles! can't go wrong there.

boris dot cynthia

burp_excuzme said...

"They're like a doughnut wrapped in bacon wrapped in a croissant wrapped in brie wrapped in chocolate."

Dang, Mariko. You really should be a salesperson, or a PR person. You sure know how to sell it! I've personally experienced Foodzie though, so I didn't need anymore selling, but you sold me once again! ;-)

I want anything with nuts. I'm a nut-whore.

Janet said...

Mendocino Nori Salt would be one of my picks...along with the cookie dough cookies)

The Little Foodie said...

Ha ha. Is that a poorly disguised euphemism?

The Little Foodie said...

Nice to meet you Julia. You're making those Bacon Peanut Brittles sound awesome. I'd like to try it too.

Marla said...

Love Foodzie! That Matcha Tea gift is calling out my name :) great giveaway, please put my name on the list. xo

Sbickard said...

definitely annie the baker's dough balls. i've been trying to make my own but would love to sample those :)

Robin said...

I would LOVE to see a sample of the Sweet Dessert Delight Tea by Zhi Tea in a Foodzie box that was delivered to me :)

Robin said...

I subscribe to The Little Foodie using Google Reader. :)

Lanibean said...

MmmMM....if I win, there totally had better be some bacon peanut brittle in the box! It just sounds so wrong that I'm sure it is delicious :)

Lanibean said...

I also follow your blog publicly :) It always makes me hungry!

Mariaborde said...

I would love to see a jar of La Doritas Dulce de Leche in that lovely box.

Mariaborde said...

Oh I forgot to ask: is this giveaway open only for people living in the US or is everybody else allowed as well??

mterasaki said...

ah how fabulous! i would love to try everything but the Maple Honey Caramel Spread sounds divine! :)

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