Monday, October 11, 2010

Round 4 Voting is OPEN!

I have to tell you, it’s been nice getting comments for once. So if nothing else, this project food blog thing ROCKS because I feel like I’ve been let into a secret society of “people who look at blogs.” I have a feeling that this is a very big society, actually. Ha ha.

So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your nice, kind, and loving words, despite my amateur-hour pictures and too-long posts. Hopefully I will see some of you around here again.

I’ve also loved being exposed to some new food blogs. Ahem. I do not want to tell you how long my reading list is now. Too long. Like, way too long. But it’s worth it, because now I just want to lick my screen all day.

But let’s get that image out of our heads. If you want to vote for me, you can do so here. No pressure, though. I know asking for votes is kind of rude of me. I mean, you’re here, reading my extremely long posts and looking at my terrible food pictures and NOW I’m asking you to vote for me?

Sheesh. Can I mention me again? Me Me Me.

Love you guys. Really.

P.S. And don’t hate me for installing disqus for my comments. If you really hate it, tell me so on my poll ------------->

and I’ll take it off.

What do you think of commentluv?



Sonya said...

i kinda like it...i like that you can comment on others posts and the blog author could comment to specific people. you could have a conversation....
as for the voting we have to unvote to revote? confused? me too. when i go to the page my little heart is on you, so i dont have to do anything right?

thelittlefoodie said...

You have to revote for every challenge, but if my heart is red then it's done! You can vote for up to 75 contestants, I believe.
Thank you for voting for me! It's kind of annoying to do, I know.

That is the same reason that I have for liking disqus. I've been reading a lot about it though and some people love it and some people hate it. A lot of blogs I read use disqus so I decided to try it and it's nice to have a little profile and I like the process better than blogger comments.

burp_excuzme said...

Ah, I had to reload this page a few times until I could get this comment box to pop up...maybe I scrolled down too fast? I usually like the Disqus though. It's so convenient, better than blogspot ones. :-)

And I'm eternally grateful to PFB bc I found your awesome blog! :D

Kegan Masayuki Spendlove said...

Nice job on makin it to the next round. You can fly me out anytime you want if you need someone to critique your stuff. Also I miss the seafood and all the Japanese food out there. Leaving Utah becomes more and more tempting each time I read your blog.

thelittlefoodie said...

Burp 'n slurp-- I was thinking the same thing. I love your blog.

It bugs me to no end that some people have a hard time seeing the comments. I'll be writing to disqus about that.
I hate blogger's comment system. Yup.

Marla said...

You are AMAZING and of course I just voted for you. This remix idea for pizza is so creative & it looks delish. Good luck girl :)

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