Friday, October 22, 2010

Found Friday: Oatmeal

Recently I found out you could make oatmeal in the rice cooker. STEEL CUT OATS!

042_edited-1 Steel cut oats are like the mother of all oatmeals. I love them, but I almost never make them because they’re a total hassle.

All you need is a porridge setting. I’m not sure how many times I’ve recommended the Zojirushi to people but it’s really the best.

The night before, just use your rice cup to measure the steel cut oats and put water up to the same number of cups on the porridge line in your bowl. Hit porridge setting. Impatiently wait until breakfast. Or just sleep because you don’t get excited about this like I do.

They came out creamy and perfect. Like magic. I left the rice cooker on warm for four days until we finished off the bowl.

This is how we look in the morning, but we're happy! My daughter could eat oatmeal every day, so I’m trying to find new ways to cook it. Here are some ideas I’m going to try:

Bruleed Oatmeal

pan fried oatmeal

Chocolate pumpkin oatmeal

How do you like your oatmeal?



thelittlefoodie said...

I definitely like that idea for the oatmeal. I'll try it.
I love NS beef. And I especially love that they sell through the farmer's market.

Maggie Hong said...

I soak my steel cut oats the night before so when I cook it the next morning, it doesn't take very long. I scoop the oats minus the liquid and then add cinnamon, ground flax, raisins, honey and then pour soy milk all over it. Pretty easy and that's how we always eat it. Now that you posted I could definitely try some other ways to eat it.

We saw Food inc tonight. It's been sitting in our queue for a few weeks and we finally got to it. Think about those issues all the time. But thank you for the link to the grass fed beef site! We don't eat very much meat either but when we do we like quality meat. So we're pretty excited to order from them. Thanks for posting!

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