Friday, October 29, 2010

Found Friday: Halloween!

060_edited-1 Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’m not kidding. Why?

Pumpkins. Sugar. Costumes. and…

Pretty much every rule goes out the window. Especially my rules about jello, store bought cookies, and candy that doesn’t contain chocolate.

(just for one night.)

I wish I had another Halloween party to go to because last night I got to taste these jello worms, and they were so awesome (thanks Karla!). I immediately wanted to make some.

I also ran into these edible eyeballs.

I think my husband would love me even more if I made Rachel’s candy corn pumpkins.

And I want to make these bat cookies, ‘cause they look super easy and aren’t just the decorated sugar cookie. That’s what I usually do.

Happy Halloween. Hope you break a few rules, just for one night.




Sonya said...

i just dont know if i could put on of those worms in my mouth...their so REAL looking....eeeekkkk

Indie.tea said...

I hope you had a nice Halloween!
Did you make the candy corn? I tried making some pumpkin cookie balls, but they were pretty bland....

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