Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Found Friday

Last week the theme was education, and this week I had sweets on the brain. 
I'm scared. But I want to make these anyway: Hi Hat Cupcakes (think dipped cone from dairy queen on a cupcake). Did you know Bakerella's book is on her way to becoming #1 on the bestseller list? I'm getting it.
Then I saw these: Cheerio Peanut Butter Pumpkins. And even though Halloween is more than a month away, it is my favorite holiday.
If you have as busy a weekend as I have planned, I encourage you to take a moment and have a special snack time with your little foodie. We sat down and shared a sweet before moving on to the rest of my list of to-do's, and I think it may have kept us both from going crazy.  StumbleUpon


sienna said...

those cupcakes on bakerella do look awesome. i'm way scared to try them. i would love to get her book because i love the blog. but the one time i tried to make cake pops they came out so ugly. i know i should try again, but i'm not that motivated.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I can't eat Hi Hats. In Brazil they are called teta de nega which translates to black woman's tits. Isn't that the worst most racist most awful name you could give to a dessert? They're super popular too. I can't eat them though, it goes against my moral principals.

I do want the cook book!

Mariko said...

Sienna: You are way more talented than me at making pretty things. Maybe I'll let you try it out first.
Da: That is HORRIBLE. And now this is ruined forever. :)

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