Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kellog’s Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

IMG_8514 I have to admit. I really love it when a box that says “dry ice” on it shows up at my house.

I received 2 Kellog’s Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas to taste from Foodbuzz recently and it was a real production opening up the box and freaking out when my daughter almost touched the dry ice with her bare hands. Luckily no one’s fingers got burned off. ‘Cause I’m such a good mother. I put the fear of God into her about touching dry ice, which is a material that I’m sure makes no sense to a 4-year-old.

We popped the fruit pizzas into the microwave (they come with those nifty “crisping” trays that you see with mini frozen pizzas) and sat down to a snack. These have a wheat crust, topped with flavored yogurt, topped with granola, topped with berries. There’s a mixed berry flavor and a strawberry flavor.

I think the mixed berry flavor comes off better, as I think those berries aren’t totally ruined by being frozen, like strawberries are. Strawberries kind of turn into a mushy blandness and they’re really only good for smoothies when they’re frozen. I appreciated that this product was not too sweet. I was expecting pop tart candy pizza, but it seemed more like real food. (Hey, I would eat pop tart pizza. Totally.)

Amaya actually only liked the strawberry flavor. She turned her nose up at the mixed berry. I tried to get her to explain why, but she had no reason. I think her preference was only about color (pink vs. purple—I guess pink wins). She ate about half a pizza. But she’s 4. I think this is not enough for me for breakfast. Maybe because I’m really into breakfast. IMG_8515 The person I think this product would appeal to the most is a teenager. I’m a teacher and I always see teenagers with trendy instant food products. One of their favorite foods right now (at my school) are those Smucker’s PB & J sandwiches. Yes. Those ones that are frozen, circular, and crustless. I think those are a major abomination to PB & J and I once had a bet with my student that I could actually make a better PB & J and I was dumb enough to bring sandwiches to school just to prove my point. So, yes, I think they would love Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas. Especially because teenagers are kind of anti-breakfast (they think it’s cool to say, “I’m not hungry” after not eating breakfast or lunch), so they have to be appealed to by eating some name brand promise of sweetness. But it’s way better than a Monster, which is what most of my students have for breakfast.

Bottom line: Great for breakfast avoiders like teenagers. Could use more fruit on top. Not too sweet and much better than a pop tart.



marla {family fresh cooking} said...

You took a great photo of this, I would have thought it was homemade! Your little girl is soooo cute :)

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