Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Push-up Pops in style

I spent this past Saturday at Pebble Beach, eating my way through the Food and Wine grand tasting event. I left my little foodies at home and had a full afternoon with my husband, amazing. When we go out by ourselves we don't even try to not talk about our kids. It's too hard to not talk about them since they're our favorite subject. We actually thought about Enzo a lot and all the food he would of enjoyed tasting. Maybe I should host a grand tasting event, Food and Juice, for all the little foodies out there. If I do I'll make sure to bring Andre Bienvenue whom I thought had the best food. His crab dish was delicious and his push-up pops were a hit. We had the root beer pop. I'm not a huge fan of root beer but I loved the taste and texture of this thing. He makes it in dry ice which makes the ice-cream super crunchy. I'm tempted to try this at home.

Here is some footage that I took of the process. What do you think, should I try it?



Ravenous Couple said...

Video! love it!

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