Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's Talk Sippy Cups

I post a lot about my 4 year old but nothing about my 7 month old. It's about time she got some attention, specially now that she's participating in meal time with us and loving it. She still nurses plenty and has just recently been introduced to solid foods, more about that later.

Today, I want to introduce you to the Tilty. Over a year ago I received 2 packages of the Tilty cup to review and giveaway. By then my son was already drinking from cups without lids but enjoyed using the Tilty, mainly at night when he was having milk during bedtime stories. I was pregnant and saved a package of Tilty cups because I was in love with their design.
I introduced the Tilty to my daughter a month ago and on her third time she could practically use it by herself. I'm in love with these cups. They're definitely the easiest for babies to use and by far the easiest for parents to clean. Not to mention how inexpensive they are.

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Mariko said...

I didn't use sippy cups with Amaya at all. I really do love her Foogo thermos (keeps it cold for 8 hours or something).

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