Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Party Favors

This was Enzo's party favor. Party favors are the bane of my existence because I never know what to give and always end up giving some junk plastic little something or other.

I saw a similar idea on 24-7-365 and thought; BRILLIANT meets EASY. It was to late for me to make as Valentine's and just perfect as a birthday party favor. 

All you need are lollipops.
And a picture of your kid holding up his/her fist.

I use Picnik to add text.  Make two holes and put the lollipops through. Easy.


Mariko said...

Wow. That is so genius. I am definitely stealing that idea.

Alissa said...

aw shucks! i'm glad it turned out so cute... not hard to do when Enzo's a total studmuffin!

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