Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yogurt Concoction

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My Japanese mother watches Japanese shows about health, particularly about superfoods, ingredients that work with your body in natural ways to boost immunity, strength, and even stature (supposedly gelatin is very important for this). I usually chuckle a bit when she shares her supported-by-the-medical-community knowledge, but really I should be listening a little more closely, since she’s one of the healthiest people I know.
One food that I did adapt into my regular routine was her yogurt regimen. I think it was definitely more about taste and less about health benefits, but it’s easy to see that it’s good for you.
This concoction contains a fair to large amount of protein, calcium, good mono-unsaturated fats, living cultures for your intestines, nutritious fiber, and a little sweetness for an energizing morning meal or afternoon snack. Another element of this is “oligo sugar” which is some sort of honey-like sugar syrup that supposedly is not digested by your body like regular sugar, so therefore adds no calories (even though it shows that it has calories on the nutrition label). It is carbohydrate free. Supposedly, it also is very good for your intestinal tract. I say all this with not much scientific knowledge about this product, and my endorsement is only that it tastes good (like not-too sweet honey, and none of that strong-honey taste), and my mother believes in it. You can find the stuff at Japanese markets easily enough.
IMG_7220 copy If you don’t have any, agave syrup is just as tasty. The whole concoction tastes sweet, has pleasant mouth feel, a slight tang, and a strong nuttiness, which I love.
My mother believes that the banana is just as important as the rest of it, but I forget now what the Japanese doctors say about it. She’ll probably call me up to tell me later.
To the original recipe, I added my own touch: the granola. I think it’s very important to have the granola. I always put it in. I received a tastemaker opportunity through foodbuzz to try their Special K granola, and I was happy to see that it’s lower in fat than most granola out there. Granola is, for some reason, always loaded with fat. It doesn’t stop me, but it lowers my portions. I just like a little granola in there for crunch. This granola, especially, is VERY crunchy, and tasty. No soggy granola in my concoction today.
IMG_7214 copy Yogurt Concoction (serves 1)
  • 3/4 C PLAIN yogurt (I doubt it would taste good with anything else)
  • 1 T powdered milk
  • 1 tsp tahini paste
  • 1 T slivered almonds
  • 2 t wheat germ
  • 1 t oligo sugar/boso honey or agave syrup
  • 1/4 C granola
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
Put all ingredients except the banana and granola in a bowl. Stir well. Add banana and granola and serve. StumbleUpon


Karla_S said...

hmmm...scientist here.... oligo when used in regard to sugar is just more than one sugar stuck together. And all sugars are carbohydrates. That is the basic definition. And I doubt that the body cannot break it down but probably has something to do with glycemic index like agave....the GIs validity in itself is suspect by some. I'd be interested to know what the japanese honey actually is.

Anyway it does look yummy and we have a version in our house with steel cut oats, chopped almonds and raisins. Its always good to have variety.
Thanks for the post

Mariko said...

I have no idea WHY this boso honey/oligo sugar has no carbs, but that's what the American required nutrition label says. It does definitely have calories. Lots of 'em. It's very weird. I don't totally believe in its amazing nutritional status, like my mom does, but it's sweet, and melts in better than just straight table sugar. That's enough for me, most days.
I like steel cut oats. I just wish I could think far enough ahead to make them. I like the coach's oats variety of steel cut oats, but I suspect that they're barely better (or not even) than regular quick oats.

MaryMoh said...

This looks delicious and healthy. I love yoghurt with fruits. I read a lot about oligo sugar. We used it to make enzyme drink but sadly can't get it here. So I always use raw honey or manuka honey which tastes very good too. I love to add flaxseed oil to the yoghurt for added health benefits.

Ann said...

Interesting! I'll ask my Japanese sister-in-law if she has heard of this and if she can hook me up with some! I'm always looking for more alternatives to honey and agave, thanks!

Fuji Mama said...

Ooooh, it has been forever since I've seen Oligo! We make something similar to this, but I hadn't thought to use tahini paste--fantastic idea!

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