Wednesday, November 18, 2009

After School Snack Wrap

Generally, when I get home after teaching all day I want to eat. I eat everything in sight. It is so difficult for me to curb this instinct, and it adds all sorts of levels of guilt when I need to start cooking dinner.
My daughter is showing signs of this same problem, because lately she has been running to the candy jar when we walk in the door.

I decided I wanted some carbs, something a little sweet (but without regular table sugar), and healthy. A perfect after school snack.


I'm going to experiment with different combinations, but I'm liking this one for now. I think my daughter wants something sweeter, while I'm trying to avoid any added sugar. I thought the sweetness was perfect, but then again, I haven't eaten real sugar for over a month now (and I'm dying, believe me). You may want to add a little honey or agave syrup to my recipe.

My daughter loves toothpicks, as I mentioned, and I like these plastic reusable kid toothpicks that I picked up at a Japanese store. They are for bentos, and they work perfectly for her bite-sized food preferences.

After School Snack Wrap (serves 2-3)

2 whole wheat or multigrain tortillas
3 T cream cheese or yogurt cheese
2 T peanut butter (natural P.B. is better)
4 T banana (I used 1/2 a small banana)
3 T (not packed) finely grated carrot
1 T wheat germ or flax seed

1. Heat the cream cheese and peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl for 8 seconds. Stir thoroughly.
2. Add banana and mash into the mixture until thoroughly combined.
3. Add carrot and wheat germ. Stir well.
4. Heat the tortillas in a dry pan over medium high heat, 1 at a time. When the tortilla is hot, flip, and heat other side. Tortilla should be just slightly toasted and pliable. 2 minutes per tortilla.
5. Spread filling in a thin layer over tortillas. Starting from one edge, begin to roll tightly and roll until you have made a cigar shape.
6. Cut into bite sized pieces and serve with toothpicks.


SnackSnoop said...

This is so cute! and looks really healthy.

stephchows said...

What a great idea!! I think I'll make one for myself haha. Totally healthy I love it :)

Mariko said...

Yeah, I think I ate most of it. I've been desperate for sweet so it was perfect for me. My daughter's too hard to please. :)

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