Sunday, December 28, 2008

About Mariko

I'm a high school English teacher and sometimes I bring my teacher voice home. It's because I care about what people eat, and especially what kids eat. I want my kids to care about the diets of the chickens that lay their eggs and what makes waffles properly crispy.

I live in Hawaii and I prefer the outdoor life. I'm spoiled by the weather and only have one sweater while the surfer I'm married to has a drawer full of surf shorts.

I'll never turn down a cookie. I prefer Japanese foods over all others. Vacations, for me, are about eating.

The recipes, opinions, and pictures on this website are mine. I'll tell you like it is, warts, rainbows, and all.

I regularly write about kitchen tools for, island style recipes for The Star Advertiser, and soon about Hawaii healthy living for Being808. StumbleUpon


Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids) said...

Hi Mariko,
A former high school teacher myself, we have a lot in common! I just wanted to leave you a note saying that I added you to my Blogroll with some of my other Kids in the Kitchen sites.
Nice to meet another mama who cooks with her kids,
What's Cooking with Kids

Toni Lua said...

Which Jackson boy are you married too? I lived in Laie for many years and new the Jackson family.

Mariko said...

Michelle: Thanks. I enjoy your blog and will add you to mine as well! Never enough resources for kid cooking.

Toni Lua: Jacob. :)

Mel said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog today and I am so excited on so many levels! I love to cook and eat. I've got 4 kids. I am Hawaiian (born and raised in CA) but attended BYUH. I lived in HI off and on growing up. Married a haole local boy. Hung out with the Jackson family, especially Mike, all through college, so I knew Jake when he was in high school. I actually own a "Jacob Jackson" original piece of pottery his mother gave me when I got married. Btw, the pics you posted of his work--gorgeous! Looking forward to following your blog!
Melissa O.

Mariko said...

Hi Melissa! Jacob said he definitely remembers you and says Hi. I'm glad you found us and thanks for visiting! See you soon.

Kath (My Funny Little Life) said...

I also love Japanese foods very much, and I've started cooking Japanese style (using Japanese ingredients, but not necessarily sticking to traditional recipes 1:1) myself a lot. I'm excited to see what you cook on here. :)

Jamie @ Wokintime said...

It's so nice to meet another Hawaii blogger! I love your blog and your daughter is adorable. My daughter will be kindergarten soon. So sad time flies. Nice to meet you.


Crystinna said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog over at food gawker and I'm offically addicted do far I've made 3 of your recipes and they've all been a hit!!!! Thanks and keep up the great work :).

-Crystinna of
"Better Than Inspired"

Mrs Mulford said...

A Thank you! on my post for your wonderful cake inspiration

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mrs. Jackson!

Jennie said...

I remember you from BYUH! My friend just shared this recipe with me and I was checking out your site, I recognized you! I lived in Hale 5 1998-99 and worked in the cafeteria. I don't know if you remember me or not. It was a long time ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mariko,
I was just at the Houzz website, and thank you so much for the list of ecoproducts. I loved most of them, and will incorporate them into our kitchen. Just a quick comment on the food (in particular about the bacon): please take into account the huge suffering animals go through in our society (factory farming-chickens are the most abused of all farm animals. There is a wonderful book that looks at the psychology of carnims: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows by Melanie Joy. 700 people attended her last lecture. There is a major shift taking place in society regarding compassion and how we view animals-such beautiful, sentient creatures. Pigs have shown greater intelligence than many dogs in studies. Until we treat ALL living creatures with kindness and compassion, we are savages.

Mariko said...

Thanks, Poornima, for the feedback. I will look into the book. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs Jackson,
Found your blog,
But you dont know who I am 0.o

Pat said...

My mom saw your column on "the best anytime pumpkin pie", specifically regarding the crust.

She understands about the pricking of the crust and pressing a large piece of foil on to the crust. My mom's question is how can she prevent the sides of the pie crust from shrinking? She tried your recipe but the sides of her pie crust sank down, how can she keep it nice and remaining at the top edge of her pie pan?


Mariko said...

Pat, what recipe did she use? On the article I didn't put a crust recipe, just the filling. If your recipe has butter, make sure it has crisco or lard in addition to butter. In general the fat in a crust recipe should be about half butter, half crisco for the best flavor and texture. Maybe even slightly more butter but not too much. Butter is what makes the crust shrink.
My favorite crust recipe is closest to this
You can use crisco instead of lard if you wish, and definitely chill it especially in Hawaii. Good luck.

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